Resilient software engineers, embedded
with your team.

It is a time for builders.

  • You're assembling impactful teams.
  • You're innovating at scale.
  • You're accelerating the mission.
  • You're delivering the transformation.

This isn't the first mountain you've climbed,
and it won't be the last.

Each success leads to your next project of consequence,
ever increasing in scope and significance.

You've slayed dragons before, but always with the right people.


  • The deputies who advance your initiatives without making you the bottleneck.
  • The capabilities and experiences that level up your team.
  • The rare engineering talent that creates a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

All respecting legacy constraints of security and scale.
Your teams incept ripples of change across the organization.

Master Chef, your ingredients are ready.
Let's get cooking.

  • Discover senior technology leaders inspired to support enterprise innovators.
  • Deploy teams of Atlantis engineers purpose-built for your project of consequence.
  • Together, we'll leverage their relevant experiences and honed skills, to solve and prevent problems and accelerate your deliverables.

The symphony is playing, and your stakeholders are inspired.

  • A catalyst of change, you have conducted something novel and a new paradigm reigns.
  • You've enhanced and augmented your team, in collaboration with your global talent to make everybody better.

The sun never sets on the development cycle.
A new era of innovation dawns.

Dedicated to Projects of Consequence. Especially yours.