We don't just write code, we build great software.

The Atlantis Way

Great Engineering

Every Atlantis engineer delivers quality software using the best tools that our industry has to offer.

Our IDEs integrate linters like Rubocop and eslint to ensure consistent code style and quality

Well organized SCM using Gitflow workflows, beautiful pull requests, and semantic versioning

Human and automated code reviews via static analysis tools like rubycritic, jshint, and codeclimate

Security-first practices that always enforce SSL, use rails encrypted credentials, and comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and SOC2

Relentless attention to performance via N+1 hunts, fasterer, caching, GZIP compression, and effective analysis

Atlantis software engineers are experienced implementing industry-leading best practices to maximize coding efficiency and robustness while minimizing technical debt, regressions, and liabilities.

The Atlantis Way

Comprehensive Testing

Accelerate development, build confidence, and sleep better knowing that it’s all going to work the way it’s supposed to.

We strive for 100% test coverage

We develop Unit and Functional tests using tools like rspec, guard, and jest

We create user-centric Integration tests with Cypress

Continuous Integration runs our entire suite of tests on every PR, and builds-in security analysis from brakeman and bundler-audit

We are accustomed to working with established teams and legacy code, in environments where thoughtful consideration to the past is required to build the future.

The Atlantis Way

Golden Documentation

Eliminate confusion, accelerate developer onboarding, and stay on the same page by effectively communicating requirements and application processes.

Profoundly awesome READMEs, which always include a setup and configuration guide, infrastructure and deployment details, and links to other important documentation

Every semantically versioned release has a Changelog entry

All of our APIs are documented with Swagger

Entity Resource Diagrams to describe data models

Architectural diagrams to navigate all connected services

Process diagrams to comprehend complex business logic

Record and share valuable information using knowledge management systems like Confluence and Slab

From story development to testing and documentation, our deliverables are coupled with a pragmatic approach to best practices that ensures both efficient development and longevity.