Let's Roll

A collection of flexible models accelerates development for projects of any size, scope or budget.

Managed Development

Atlantis Team Model

The Atlantis Team Model is our premier service offering, where our core agency team at Atlantis HQ provides high-level consulting services, software architecting, product management, and related services.  

We assemble and deploy a team of dedicated software engineers to develop deliverables, while we perform project management, build quality, code review, and devops tasks.  We have deep involvement with your product and direct oversight of the dedicated engineering team.

As needed, we can act as your engineering department, guide your technology strategy, and help you articulate vision, roadmap, and status to executives, partners, clients, and investors.

Our team

Your deliverables

Comprehensive expertise

Development Velocity

Atlantis Engineer Model

With the Atlantis Engineer Model, we identify and deploy the ideal software engineers to assign to your team as individual contributors.

The Atlantis engineers report directly to stakeholders inside your organization and can function alongside your existing team.  Atlantis engineers are highly skilled and preternaturally productive, benefiting both from their embedding on your team and from continued support of the core Atlantis agency team.

Our Engineers

Embedded in your team

Increased development velocity

Growth Agency

Direct Hire Model

For companies seeking to grow their engineering teams through direct hire relationships, we recruit, evaluate, and place premier software engineering talent on client payroll.

Our recruiting

Your new hires

Increased velocity

Engage.We’ve supported organizations ranging in size from startups to governments, in engagement length from just a few months to nearly two decades, and with budgets from tens of thousands to millions.
Adjust.We know that regardless of the project or client characteristics, all need and benefit from resource, timeframe, budget flexibility.
Grow.Our three engagement models enable clients to select from, and sometimes move between, the model most advantageous to the current phase in the product or company lifecycle.