Add Experience, Energy & Optimism to Your Team

Meet Our Engineers:

(and the friendly folks who support them)

Our onshore engineering teams bring crucial capabilities to every project. We’re ready to contribute remotely and in-person. Based locally near Boston, and available on-site, collaborating with teams across the US.

Sean Bell20191017133639

Sean Bell

Senior Software Engineer
Forrest Grant20190927193526

Forrest Grant

Chief Information Officer
Sett Paing Oo20200123214156

Sett Paing Oo

Software Engineer
Luke Biggins20191017141930

Luke Biggins

SVP of Client Operations
Jonathan Soo Hoo20191017151448

Jonathan Soo Hoo

Engineer Ambassador
Eric Struhl20191017133327

Eric Struhl

Software Engineer
Eric Pelland20191017130615

Eric Pelland

Software Engineer
Mark Seiden20191028125934

Mark Seiden

Senior Software Engineer
Amy Petrie20191106180919

Amy Petrie

Software Engineer
Joe Biggins20191017174259

Joe Biggins

SVP of Business Development
Patrick Karsh20191022133406

Patrick Karsh

Software Engineer
Mike Golubitsky20191017134636

Mike Golubitsky

Senior Software Engineer
Cody Jennings20191025144346

Cody Jennings

Senior Software Engineer
Brian Mariani20191017173641

Brian Mariani

Tom Biggins20191017141539

Tom Biggins

Founder & CEO
Patrick Arthur20191017141157

Patrick Arthur

Senior Software Engineer
Fred DiStefano20190910134723

Fred DiStefano

Chief Operating Officer
Eric London20191017151044

Eric London

Principal Software Engineer
Lily Bennani20190904181647

Lily Bennani

SVP of Strategic Engagements
Hannah Carnes20191025145006

Hannah Carnes

Software Engineer
Donna Biggins20191017142119

Donna Biggins

Bookkeeping & Human Resources
Ron Ayers20191017131818

Ron Ayers

SVP of Product
Tom Dyer20191022134357

Tom Dyer

Senior Software Engineer
Jon Collier20190923164454

Jon Collier

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Skills, Passion, Resiliency.

Our process to identify, recruit, train, and deploy teams of engineers has been refined over 20 years of execution.  It starts with ever flowing data, coupled with AI-derived insights, continues with quantitative and qualitative evaluations, and concludes with affinity assessments.  The result: software engineers with the optimal set of skills, passion, and resiliency for your mission.

Some of us have worked together, on varied projects, for many years.  Others are just at the beginning of our adventure together.  All share an eagerness to contribute to projects of consequence, a devotion to software engineering, and a strength of character ideally suited to succeed in demanding environments amidst challenging constraints.