Donna Biggins

Bookkeeping & Human Resources

I'm Donna Biggins, Bookkeeper at Atlantis.

Ever since I was a young student I liked numbers, and enjoyed math. Later, when I graduated from Western New England College with an Accounting degree, the Mary Tyler Moore Show was in the midst of its run, and new opportunities for women were opening up in the workforce. I began working in accounting after college in the days when spreadsheets were made of paper and a Bowmar Brain was the calculator of choice. A few years later when expecting my first child, I worked from home partnering with a local CPA firm.

Today, I manage the accounting and support many HR functions at Atlantis. The spreadsheets may now be in the cloud, but I still enjoy balancing books, running payroll, and managing AR/AP processes as always. It’s been a great joy to get to know so many software engineers and technologies, and witness the innovations we work with our clients to produce.

At home, my husband Tom and I, married for 43 years, live in Sudbury, MA, where we raised our seven children (including Luke and Tommy, who work with me here). We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our 15th grandchild!

Tom describes loving grandchildren as “another chamber of your heart opening up that you didn’t even know you had.” That’s so true, and I’ve found being a grandparent also allows the freedom to express that love in new ways (like acquiring antibiotics for a dying goldfish and working with my granddaughter to nurse it back to health). When I’m not working or cuddling with grandkids, I’m often volunteering at Our Lady of Fatima Parish, where I taught religious education for 30 years and today volunteer in various ministries.

Donna Biggins