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We Are

A small, startup-focused software development agency founded in 1997.

An agile full-stack team of web & mobile developers, designers, and project managers.

All based, coding, and working outside of Boston, MA. (Loving Ruby on Rails, React, iOS, Android)

Ready to explore, collaborate, and build with you.

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Software as Service

Social Media

3D Printing



Internet of Things

Health Care


The Way We Work

Dedicated Teams

To maximize productivity and continuity, a dedicated team of veteran software engineers is assigned to your project.

Flexible Pricing Model

No hourly billing. Our team and project-based pricing produces predictable costs and deliverables, and provides flexibility for reprioritizations and pivots.

Data Driven Development

Defining metrics and capturing analytics enables us to take a data-based approach toward product development and iteration.

Direct Developer Access

In addition to the project manager, our clients have direct access to the software engineering team writing code for their projects.

Quick Prototype Access

Immediate access to in-progress development enables close collaboration with clients and partners as we turn their vision into reality.

Coded in Concord

We don’t outsource software development. All our code is written in-house by local Atlantis engineers reporting to Concord, Massachusetts.

Adaptive Priorities

We embrace the dynamic and fluid nature of our clients' innovative ventures, and incorporate pivots and changes into our arrangements.

Mutually Low-Risk Start

We believe in a short-term start to ensure a long-term fit. Most arrangements start with an initial 3-month sprint.

Flexible Future

As engagements evolve, we adjust the scale and scope of the dedicated engineering team to match current demands.

To help our clients scale, we also provide:


to help build an internal team and take your project in-house.

Data services,

supporting outbound sales and marketing efforts.

Investor introductions,

for those seeking to raise their next round.

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