Resilient software engineers,
embedded with your team.

Relentlessly productive, when and where you need them.

You’re a CTO or a VP of Engineering and you have a problem.

  • Development isn’t moving fast enough
  • You don’t have the right developers
  • You need additional engineering capacity
  • Recruiting, hiring and onboarding developers takes too much time & bandwidth
  • You’ve lost key developers through attrition

You connect with Atlantis. We listen, learn, and collaborate.

  • Project goals, current status, and timelines
  • Existing capabilities, engineering capacity,
    and needed expansion
  • Challenges and obstacles to success

Sooner than you think possible, you meet Atlantis Engineers that you want on your team.

  • Capabilities
  • Best Practices
  • Tech Stack
  • Location
  • Experience
  • Availability

Your Atlantis
Engineers deploy!

And our core team continues to work behind the scenes
to make your life easier, and project successful.

  • Documented productivity on a daily basis.
  • Impactful weekly reports.
  • Engineer retention, happiness, and wheel-spinning: handled.
  • Team size adjustments as needed.
  • Demonstrated responsibility and accountability.

Chaos solved.
Projects advanced.
Stakeholders inspired.

  • You have fewer fires to put out(we're the first line of defense).
  • Your team is more
  • Your boss and clients
    are happier.
  • Your goals are met.