Why work
at Atlantis?

You'll work with great people.
  • We thrive in a culture of positivity and mutual support.

  • We strive to hire smart, energetic, empathetic employees.

  • We’re a team, and look out for each other.

You’ll work on projects that change the world.

The best developers work on meaningful projects.

We’re constantly finding new ways to make the world a better place using technology.

We’ll help you get
better all the time.

No matter where you are in your career,
we’re prepared to help you advance it.

From technical skills to communications coaching to professional development, we want to make you the best engineer you can be, both behind your keyboard and around the table.

We'll take care of you.

Atlantis offers excellent medical, dental, vision, and disability insurance and generous 401(k) options.

We don’t track vacation time, and encourage you
to take it when you need it.

  • Angular
  • Spring Boot
  • Cypress
  • Node.js
  • vue.js

We're looking
for great

  • Django
  • Docker
  • Rails
  • React
  • Terraform

Our core values drive
everything we do.


We are relentlessly

At Atlantis, we do everything with alacrity.
  • We’re positive, energetic, and eager to take on challenges with a smile.
  • We support and encourage our colleagues, and strive to make everyone around us look better.
  • We win together and we help our clients succeed.

We go above and beyond.

  • We treat people the way we want to be treated.
  • We show up early, dress well, and present a positive demeanor.
  • We are transparent, and we communicate.
  • We pay attention to details and ask meaningful questions.

It’s about “How and Why” not “What and When.”


We are passionate
about technology.

  • We strive to continuously expand our technical skills and learn new technologies.
  • We seek to continuously improve our code quality, application design, and documentation.
  • We value simplicity and elegance.
  • We abhor stagnation.

We’re internally motivated
to be productive.

Our clients, colleagues, and managers trust us to be productive.
  • We take initiative whenever possible.
  • We learn our clients’ businesses in and out to deliver the best possible experiences.
  • We come up with solutions, not problems.
  • When the backlog is empty, we’re the first ones coming up with the next stories.