Stop the Monster!

Reclaim growth capital from your AWS bill.

Your AWS bill is not for the faint of heart.

  • You've been growing rapidly and expanding your platform, making decisions as they come. Somehow you've created an AWS-shaped monster.
  • Your monthly DevOps spend is taking away from your ability to invest in new features, talent, and growing the business.
  • With more growth on the horizon, the cost of past decisions will only continue to compound.

You know there are better options, but growth is the priority and you can't afford to distract your core team.


But… Optimizing DevOps is full of risk. It can not break.

  • Services and demands are ongoing and relentless.
  • You've built complex infrastructure and contingencies.
  • Maybe it's even a little Frankenstein (we assure you, we're not scared).

Done right, DevOps optimization enhances uptime and reliability.


You can reduce your AWS bill by up to 30%.

  • Start with a no-cost DevOps Audit to identify the opportunity to reduce your monthly AWS bill.
  • We know where to look for hidden costs:
  • • Efficient utilization
  • • Scaling
  • • Alternative architecture

Our Expertise.
Your Missing Piece.

  • We've been developing software for clients for 25 years; we understand the interdependency of development and operations to optimize your infrastructure.
  • We use an iterative approach to ensure stability and effective transitions:
  • • Provision new architecture.
  • • Transition.
  • • Deprovision old architecture.
  • Throughout, we maintain observability and monitoring of both environments to ensure feature parity.

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Let's book a no-cost Blueprint Discovery Call.
Let's book a no-cost Blueprint Discovery Call.

Atlantis Technology

Blueprint Discovery Call

We'll share how you can reduce your AWS spend, and even provide some initial recommendations.

Together, we'll review...

Your software development lifecycle:

  • Team size? Commit frequency? PR process?
  • What testing do you have in place?
  • What does your release life cycle look like?

Your Infrastructure:

  • How are your apps hosted?
  • Are they monoliths or microservices?
  • What sort of logging and observability do you have?

Your AWS environment:

  • Within your AWS bill, does one category outweigh all others?
  • How many AWS accounts do you have?
  • Are you leveraging resource tagging to annotate and categorize costs?

Cash Flow. Velocity. Growth.

  • Save $.
  • Fewer engineering headaches.
  • Increased velocity.
  • Happy Engineers & Stakeholders!