Hi, I'm Tom Biggins, Founder & CEO of Atlantis.

These intro calls engaging with enterprise innovators are often my favorite professional moments of the week. BOOK AN INTRO CALL
Tom Biggins
Lily Bennani

Atlantis Technology

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Together with my colleague Lily Bennani, I eagerly join the first, initial, half hour with every new potential partner.

The simple truth is I will deeply enjoy learning about:

  • Why you chose to apply your talents and skills to this particular project of consequence
  • How success will impact outcomes for a broad constituency of stakeholders and end users
  • Any constraints you're facing in implementing your vision (bureaucracy, budget, talent)
  • Particular considerations of scale, security, privacy, and legacy systems

And you'll surely have some questions for me.
The top five I receive:

  • What are your technical specialities?
  • What is your pricing model?
  • Where do Atlantis engineers come from?
  • What is your capacity for scale and speed?
  • What separates you from a typical staff aug model?

The most important question is one we'll answer together: whether our organizations are potentially a good fit for each other.

In this half hour we'll mutually discern whether the cultural and technical alignment warrants a next conversation.

Historically, about a third of the time we do, in which case we can facilitate a deeper technical conversation (typically following an NDA) with our CTO, CIO and other leadership from both organizations as helpful.

And if not, we aim to be helpful in offering any referrals or introductions that may be useful, we'll be rooting for your success, and will be available should circumstances change in your mission.

Thank you for connecting with us, and we look forward to the privilege of meeting you,

Tom Biggins, CEO Atlantis Technology